2016 Annual Appeal

“The Bogliasco Foundation is a wonderful institution, both for the way it brings together creative artists from so many fields with academics and for the unmatched beauty of the site in which it installs them so comfortably and so companionably for a month. Long may it flourish.”

–Jonathan Culler, Literature Scholarship Fellow, Spring 2016

“The month in Bogliasco was extraordinary, a singular experience. There was something about the place that gave me clarity and tranquility. The hours seemed to expand and I was so much more productive.”

–Ramona Diaz, Film/Video Fellow, Fall 2015

As a nonprofit organization, the Bogliasco Foundation relies on gifts from individuals who are dedicated to the vitality of global arts and letters. We are deeply grateful to all who have made it possible for us to celebrate 20 years of supporting creativity in the arts and humanities.

Here are just a few of the extraordinary projects that your donations helped fund in 2016:

– a study of Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal

– a multimedia opera based on the medieval Cantigas de Santa Maria

– a series of drawings which maps the layered history of Genoa

– a new opera about the Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado, which housed three infamous inmates at the same time

– an innovative theater project exploring the Western model of mental healthcare

– a biography of Boris Savinkov, a legendary Russian figure little known in the West

As we approach the end of our 20th year of operation, please consider making a gift to support future talented artists and scholars and the innovative projects they will pursue.

The words of our Fellows best express the life-changing benefits of a Bogliasco residency. Please click here to read more inspiring testimonials from 2015-2016 Fellows.  

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