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Maja Spasova (BF '14) DRAWINGS Published by Arena

The New monograph Maja Spasova, Drawings published by Arena, Sweden features the artist's drawings from the past 30 years.

From the publisher:

Maja Spasovas art is characterized by transnational in its broadest sense, between state borders, political systems, beyond religions. She is constantly involved in working with passages, transitions and movements between different elements. This book presents some of Maja Spasovas series of drawings, which emerged as the unconscious flows. The book is in Swedish and English.

"One of my earliest childhood memories is that I lie on my stomach on the floor surrounded by a sea of paper sheets and crayons and I draw - and that is happiness happiness, an inalienable bliss. It still is. The days I do not subscribe can easily be filled with anxiety and imbalance. When I draw, I am in harmony with the world. I am filled with joy. Drawing is like breathing: breathe - let the spirit in you; exhalation - let the spirit out of you ... breathing in life-giving energy, exhaling drawing ... " Maja Spasova



Maja Spasova Drawings published by Arena

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