[The residency] created a community of creative people that encouraged me to look beyond the narrow boundaries of the academic world. I have always found that speaking to artists, writers and composers is one of the best ways of challenging me as a historian and an academic to write for a wide public.

Barry Strauss, History Fall 2016, United States

Little did I know, on that Monday afternoon, after arriving a few hours before sunset, that my life would change so deeply in what would become thirty two days of creative research, deep soul searching, consolidation of friendships and a more concrete understanding of my challenges and limitations as an artist.

Fernando Arze, Theater Fall 2016, Bolivia/Brazil

Since my work reaches across-discipline for ideas— often drawing from literature and film— the conversations and interactions with others gave me material to draw from I never would have had access to otherwise.

Having space and time to engage in creative work is a wonderful gift, but the cross-discipline nurturing that Bogliasco provides—coupled by the time allowed to let ideas brew, settle, get stirred up, transform, and find themselves again— was enormously valuable. I’m thrilled to share that yes, I met my practical goal of seeding some new works, but that the expansion of my practice toward making better, deeper work was a unexpected gift.

Kimberly Bartosik, Dance Spring 2017, United States

A bien des égards Bogliasco fut (et sera toujours, je l’espère) un petit paradis qui n’usurpe nullement sa place sur le Golfo Paradiso. La beauté des paysages dès l’orée du jardin de la Fondation, les rythmes de la mer, la variété des reflets du soleil, les Alpes enneigées au loin, la promenade de Nervi aux jours de mareggiata, ont accompagné et soutenu tout mon travail et lui ont procuré joie et enthousiasme.

Michel-Yves Perrin, Humanities Scholarship Spring 2017, France

…Creative artists – perhaps in contrast to scholars – often have to delve into difficult or quite personal terrain, and often have to wrestle with their medium and their chosen raw materials. The Bogliasco Fellowship gave me the first opportunity I have had to take part in an interdisciplinary residency, and it was enlightening to see how kindred artists experienced their own challenges. That made me think that the environment at Bogliasco may offer something particularly valuable for writers, and for creative artists in general.

Caroline Brothers, Literature Spring 2017, UK/Australia

… I will probably have enough material, inspiration, space, and experience for hours of music into the future. For that, I think Bogliasco gives its donors their money’s worth. And, certainly, it gives its residents, those who are not afraid to escape their own established modes of producing work, a gift that really keeps on giving – the infinite inspirations of the memory of being there.

The residency – in short – has offered every conceivable advantage to the creation of works of meaning, relevance, and great scope.

The residency offers one an almost-impossible experience of disconnecting from the world but also being immediately proximate to it all at the same time, the ability to interact by choice. So rarely do we get to choose our terms of engagement, but at Bogliasco, we can and we do.

Eugene Birman, Music Spring 2017, United States

Not only was the fellowship productive workwise, it gave me a vital opportunity to meet interesting, highly accomplished and very kind colleagues.

Ann Diener, Visual Art Fall 2016, United States

At Bogliasco, I was inspired to rethink my goals and aspirations, and to reimagine exploring the same issues in a narrative film. This was a great gift for me. And it was something that would not have occurred back at home with the distractions and demands of daily living.

Bogliasco is such an extraordinary place. There is nothing like it in the world. We residents all felt privileged to be there in that landscape, to be cared for and supported as we were.

Alan Brown, Film/Video Spring 2017, United States

Spending a month with people who are masterful and passionate about their respective crafts was priceless, inspiring and motivating.

Coming to Bogliasco was akin to coming back home for me. For years, I have spent my summers and early falls at the family house on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Seeing the hues of blue that dominates the vista once again was a sign of slowing down for me, not necessarily in terms of getting lethargic, but rather in terms of savoring each moment, observing the flow of ideas, and appreciating the gift of time, which has been graciously given to us by the Bogliasco Foundation.

An important effect of this invaluable gift was the capability of seamlessly shifting between the creative and research phases of my project, which has been difficult to attain in the course of my daily life in Seattle.

 - Yigit Kolat, Music Fall 2016, United States/Turkey

Although they were active in different fields, the [other residents] were curious about my work and they enquired in very genuine ways about what my work entails. This always challenges me to formulate my activities in the best and clearest possible ways.

In turn I was very inspired by the other residents’ work and it enriched my thinking about aspects that I was not familiar with before. Still, there were also the points of connection that led to the discovery of joint interests with them.

I consider myself very lucky to have been with this particular group of people that I was together with as well. I think everyone brought a very special piece of themselves to this time we were together. I feel truly enriched, by the insight and spirit that these very different people each brought with them. There was a curiosity, genuineness and friendliness I have rarely experienced and which I will never forget.

Marjolein Gysels, Philosophy Spring 2017, Belgium

It would be inaccurate to say that my topic radically changed while I was at Bogliasco. Instead what really happened was that I received the incredible luxury of being able to hear myself think. The center offered me a precious interlude in which I didn’t have to be an expert. My favorite part of the experience was getting people to tell me about their own fascinating work—and more importantly—their even more fascinating work processes. The time at Bogliasco was successful for me in ways that were truly unexpected. I value that fact immensely.

Robert Reid-Pharr, Literature-Scholarship Spring 2017, United States