During their stay at the Center, Bogliasco Fellows are assigned private workspaces*. Each workspace is equipped with ample work surfaces, a desktop computer, a printer, cabled and wireless internet service, which is also accessible throughout the Study Center. Some of the studios/workspaces include special amenities:

  • the Visual Arts studio has basic equipment for painting, sculpture, and graphics. 
  • the music studio is equipped with an upright piano, keyboard, and a recording/playback system.
  • the 400 square foot dance studio features a sprung floor with Marley, a sound system, a small work station and optional 10 x 7 foot high mirrors.

*Only visual artists and choreographers have access to separate studios. Fellows in all other disciplines are given a live/work space with a desk station (and music equipment for composers).

If you require additional information about the workspaces before submitting an application, please contact us at [email protected].