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Book by Fall 2019 Fellow Released today

Architettura Emozionale di Savina Tarsitano in collaborazione con Marco Misciagna

Christina Pugh's *Stardust Media* awarded Juniper Prize for Poetry

New Italian Edition

New awards for Lo Sguardo Italiano - The Italian Gaze

Molissa Fenley (BF '13) and Company at Danspace Project

"Lo Sguardo Italiano (The Italian Gaze)," a film by Sandro Del Rosario (BF '05, '07), Awarded at Worldfest

"Showgirls" by Karen Bernard (BF '09, '12) premiers at Brooklyn Studios for Dance, May 17–19

Marcin Stanczyk (BF '18) at the Musica Polonica Festival in Wroclaw

India Material by Alexander Hahn (BF '97, '06) at The Shed

Works from the Permanent Collection on view at AD&A Museum includes Ann Diener (BF '16)

Micaela Latini (BF '14) publishes an Italian edition of J.M.R. Lenz's "Pandaemonium Germanicum"

Valerie Miner (BF '13) publishes four of the short stories she worked on at Bogliasco

Sunday Sessions at MoMA PS1 with Kim Brandt (BF '16)

BodyFail, Jean-Marc Matos (BF '17)

Demo Performance Solo #1, Jean-Marc Matos (BF '17)

The Arden Shakespeare's 'Cymbeline', edited by Valerie Wayne (BF '14), is published

Sandro Del Rosario's film "Lo Sguardo Italiano" awarded at festivals

Anne Hamilton (BF '98) To Dramaturg New Musical In NYC

Joel Kaye (BF '10) awarded 2017 Haskins Medal for "A History of Balance, 1250-1375"

Kimberly Bartosik (BF '17) is an NEFA NDP Finalist

Anne Hamilton (BF '98) edits dramaturgy section of The Theatre Times

Victor Lodato (BF '06) publishes his second novel, "Edgar and Lucy" (St. Martin's Press)

Micaela Latini (BF '14) publishes new book on Thomas Bernhard

Eva Thune (BF '08) awarded Clare Hall Visiting Fellowship

Milwaukee Art Museum features work by Elizabeth Duffy (BF '12)

Laura Furman (BF '13) Story in Winter 2017 SUBTROPICS

Launch of Russian translation of Vladimir Alexandrov's (BF '16) book 'THE BLACK RUSSIAN'

New short story by Laura Furman (BF '13) in Subtropics

Karen Bernard (BF '09, '12) develops Vinyl Retro at The Kitchen, NYC, and starts residency at the Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice

Premio Francesco Gelmi di Copriacco for Eva Taylor (BF '08)

Joseph Mazur (BF '13) releases new book, "Fluke: The Math and Myth of Coincidence"

Laura Rattray (BF '16) Keynote Presentation

Chet Biscardi (BF '99, '05) and David Del Tredici ('97) vocal works featured in new collection

Dramaturgy Volume with Chapter by Anne Hamilton (BF '98) to Be Translated into Korean

Anne Hamilton (BF '98) To Dramaturg New Musical In NYC

Dina Nayeri - (BF '15) National Endowment for the Arts

Jeffrey Harrison (BF '14) - Poems written at the Study Center

Micaela Latini -(BF '14) - Publication in english

Micaela Latini (BF'14) - Extra Europe Academical Exchange for Students and Professors

Donald Crockett (BF '07, '13) - 'Blue Earth' for orchestra released on BMOP/sound

Joel Kaye (BF '10) - Book Prize

Gwen Hardie (BF '06, '15) - "REALITY; Modern and Contemporary British painting" at The Walker Art Gallery

Cathy Davidson (BF '08, '15) - Co-Directs $3.1M Mellon Grant for Humanities Training for Community Colleges and Beyond

Cathy Davidson (BF '08, '15) - wins 6th Boyer Award

Raphael Cohen-Almagor (BF '05) A new book: Confronting the Internet's Dark Side

Derek Attridge (BF '14) - A new publication

Laura Peterson (BF '14) - the premiere of a dance created during her residency.

Micaela Latini (BF '14) - a new publication

Dario Calimani (BF '05, '12) - W.B. Yeats, Verso Bisanzio. Poesie (Marsilio,Venezia 2015)

Dario Calimani (BF '05, '12) - Speciale Shakespeare: I Sonetti e Il mercante di Venezia

Joel Kaye (BF '10) - "A History of Balance, c. 1250-1375" published.

Fran Siegel (BF '10) - Fulbright Award to Brazil 2015/16

Maja Spasova (BF '14) DRAWINGS Published by Arena

Adam Kraar (BF '14) -- FREEDOM HIGH published by Original Works

Savina Tarsitano (BF '05) - Partner EncontrArte- Art, Culture & Education Factory, Barcelona, Spain

Scott Wheeler at Center for Ballet and the Arts

Micaela Latini (BF '14) -- Klassik Stiftung Stipendium Weimar

Interview of Anne Hamilton (BF' 98) published in First Korean Book on Dramaturgy

Anne Hamilton (BF '98) -- WHO'S ANDY WARHOL? Performed in London

Anne Hamilton's Chapter published in THE ROUTLEDGE COMPANION TO DRAMATURGY

Roberta Montemorra Marvin (BF '04) - Recent publications

Suki Kim (BF '07) -- Publication

Erika Latta (BF '10) -- La Disparition

Savina Tarsitano (BF '05) - Ambassador of the Rebirth Project of Michelangelo Pistoletto

Savina Tarsitano (BF '05) - Curator of 4th Annual ENCATC Policy Debate

Savina Tarsitano (BF '05) - Seminar in Tokyo

Dawn Kramer (BF '10) - Video Exhibitions & 2014 Dance Champion Award

Monique Truong (BF '05) - U.S.-Japan Creative Artist Fellow 2015

Joseph Mazur (BF '11) - New Book

J. D. McClatchy (BF '97) - Plundered Hearts

Paolo Valesio (BF '06) - Bologna Residency

Ann Harleman (BF '98, '04) - Recent publications

Lewis Spratlan (BF '13) and Paul Kane (BF '13) - Pew Commission collaboration

Linda Wagner-Martin (BF '05) - Barbara Kingsolver's World: Nature, Art, and the 21st Century Published

Lewis Spratlan (BF '13) - Residency; CD release; Horn Quartet

Barbara Weiden Boyd (BF '02, '08) - Fellowship Awards

Mark Kroll (BF '99) - Publication and Concert Tours

Elmar Schenkel (BF '03, '07) - Forthcoming Book

Anna Marmodoro (BF '10) - New Research

Anna Marmodoro (BF '10) - Aristotle on Perceiving Objects Published

Frederika Randall (BF '13) - Confessions of an Italian published

Laura Furman (BF '13) - The Boy Who Did What He Wanted published

Richard Wilson (BF '06) - ECLOGUE, with Bogliasco Photography

Luisa Costa Gomes (BF '11) - CLÁUDIO E CONSTANTINO published

Maureen McLane (BF '09) - This Blue published

2014 Guggenheim Fellowships Awarded

James Heffernan (BF '11) - Hospitality and Treachery in Western Literature published

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