Being a Bogliasco Fellow allowed me to work with rigor and abandon in a stunning environment in which I was well-taken care of amongst the other artists…I grew so close to the garden pathways that I feel like I left a small part of myself there.

Kora Radella, Spring 2019 Fellow in Dance, United States

I want to thank Bogliasco Foundation for the opportunity to work in residence there. The beautiful setting, dedicated support provided by the staff, the generosity of spirit and the community of fellows made it a perfect situation for concentrated work time. It’s so rare to have this kind of uninterrupted time which allows for continuity of thought.

Tatana Kellner, Spring 2019 Fellow in Visual Art, United States

The Bogliasco Foundation offers a life-changing opportunity for artists, and its value to the artistic community it seeks to serve can’t be overestimated.

Valerie Martin, Spring 2019 Fellow in Literature, United States

This was a terrific group of people – erudite, collegiate, playful, inspiring. We “clicked” as artists, and humans. I can honestly say, even if I hadn’t written a word, their individual visions and their comradeship made the residency a success for me.

Mary Morrissy, Spring 2019 Fellow in Literature, Ireland

I will treasure all the moments I had at Bogliasco thanks to the talented community and deeply dedicated staff. The gift of space and time is a most treasured one. Again I thank the entire Bogliasco Foundation for the support and encouragement in what often feels like an impossible goal.

Johannes Knoops, Spring 2019 Fellow in Architecture, United States

Thankful to the people who made this happen, for their inspiring devotion to this great idea, I am very honored to have been a part of the Bogliasco residency program.

Alf Löhr, Spring 2019 Fellow in Visual Art, United Kingdom

It is truly amazing that I could finish a meaningful and coherent 60-page chapter in four weeks! That is far more than I could hope to write in the same period of time in Rio de Janeiro. I also enjoyed very much my comfortable bedroom, the splendid working space and the unforgettable varieties of risotto. I am very grateful to Ivana, Valeria and all the staff for their care. I had always a sense of being supported and of not being pressured to produce, which was fundamental to my writing.

Marcos Cueto, Spring 2019 Fellow in History, Brazil

The Bogliasco Study Center has made the perfect place to carry out both tasks in an outstanding and very inspiring environment: the beautiful location, with stunning sea views, as well as the enriching multicultural and multidisciplinary community.

Sandra Robok, Spring 2019 Fellow in History, German living in Spain

I found the conversations and interactions with my fellow artists during the evening hours and wonderful dinners incredibly enriching. These direct and indirect contributions of their insights into my research subject as well as art making in general were invaluable part of what made my time at Bogliasco so rich and unforgettable.

Pavel Zuštiak, 2019 Fellow in Dance, Slovakia/United States

This is the kind of progress that could only happen in a place like the Bogliasco Foundation, where the conversation among the community's artists and scholars kept me motivated and inspired, and the wonderful staff made me feel cared for and comfortable, so that I could write, read, and think all day, every day.

Lysley Tenorio, Spring 2019 Fellow in Literature, United

The everyday access to such a specific and intense landscape, which enveloped and framed the residency, created a kind of heightened sensory experience of the place, and had a concrete effect on the work and thought that was produced during my time there.

It was truly a special time, where I felt intensely concentrated in work, and also replenished in my studio practice and daily routine. The chance to spend time in such a beautiful place, with all practical concerns taken care of, with good food and company, is an experience that I will cherish for many years to come!

Daniele Genadry, Spring 2019 Fellow in Visual Arts, Lebanon/USA

The distractions and the side trips, the wanderings, the looking and listening, were the instances that the real work happened, and from where the ideas came. Bogliasco is situated in such a place of exceptional beauty and inspiration, that to not become distracted by it would be to miss the whole point of being a fellow in Liguria. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity to live in such a magical place, to work in such inspiring environs, to dialogue with such accomplished scholars and artists, and be cared for by such a generous group of people.

Tom Pearson, Spring 2019 Fellow in Theater, United States

While at Bogliasco all of us fellows were engaged in radical play in our own artistic practices, collective brainstorming, good eating, hiking and the contemplations of deep natural beauty and history, and so many other things that made this one of the most remarkable residencies I have ever attended.

Lenore Malen, Spring 2019 Fellow in Visual Arts, United States

It was incredibly healing to have the space to reflect on my film in solitude, without needing to worry about daily life. Many thanks again for maintaining this beautiful place for us. It was an unforgettable experience.

Cecilia Aldarondo, Spring 2019 Fellow in Film/Video, United States

Those of us fortunate to be Fellows have been given an opportunity to work in a quality of life that enables us to be at our creative best. Quiet walks in the Villa dei Pini gardens and on the Passegiatta a Mare relaxed my inner self well enough for me to become more productive, and to inspire creative constructions for my nonfiction prose. Such inspirations also came from the Villa itself with its unique spirit, the sounds of crashing waves on the rocks, the collection of people whom every day and night talked and listened to each other’s thoughts, and the atmosphere provided by the splendid staff.

I wish to thank the Bogliasco Foundation for its generosity in accommodating my residency, and for the incredible, productive experience I had at the Liguria Study Center. There are not enough words to give thanks to the Foundation for all it does in fostering a spirit of inspiring collaboration to a community of artists, writers, and scholars who achieve their best moments of creativity when at the Liguria Study Center for the Arts and Humanities.

Joseph Mazur, Spring 2019 Fellow in Literature-Scholarship, United States

The warmth and generosity of the Director, Residency Coordinator and all other gracious staff created a unique and memorable ambiance. Let loose within the warmth of that household, our group gelled fantastically and we experienced many joyful and beautiful moments that I will never forget. I’ve enjoyed a couple of other residencies, but I can say sincerely, that this one exceeded by far my expectations!

Hillary Brown, Fall 2018 Architecture Fellow, United States

This particular physical environment of Bogliasco and Villa dei Pini (having the studio 6 facing the sea, surrounded by rich trees and extensive gardens, in an atmosphere of silence and solitude) gave me a new life experience that led me to think on the "sensory" of my own cinema.

Joel Calero, Fall 2018 Film/Video Fellow, Peru

Both my intelligent, friendly and welcoming colleagues, and me, enjoyed an excellent climate in which to work without any ‘vulgar’ –although vital– concern, and surrounded by the special beauty of the Villa dei Pini –where I was staying–, its prodigious and celebrated garden, the beautiful coast so close that it could almost be touched with the hand, and the charm of the neighboring towns. All this, together with the superb accommodation conditions, the warmth of the treatment and the professionalism of all the staff members, the marvelous and unforgettable Ligurian cuisine – to which were added dishes from other regions of Italy–, constituted an exceptional experience of beauty and comfort and a unique scenario to develop the work I had to do.

Luisa Campuzano, Fall 2018 Literature Scholarship Fellow, Cuba

The natural beauty of Bogliasco and the stimulating cross-disciplinary discussions I had with the other fellows in residence provided an ideal environment for a creative challenge.

Laurie Kahn, Fall 2018 Film/Video Fellow, United States

The water was a different color every day, the waves came in in different ways, the clouds had different shapes. The beauty of the place constantly remade and renewed itself. I don’t know that I understand how it is that the sensory experience of Bogliasco enhances the intellectual experience of work there. But it does.

There have been poets among us, but even for them, it will not have been possible to put into words just how magical the experience is.

Lena Cowen Orlin, Fall 2018 Literature-Scholarship Fellow, United States

What was extraordinary about the Bogliasco residency was the way in which it opened my mind to new impulses and new ways of working creatively. In part this was due to the inspirational beauty and deep sense of history that pervades the setting; but it was also due to the brilliant cadre of Fellows surrounding me, who had remarkable knowledge of many of the things I was working on and great generosity in steering me towards new ideas, sources of inspiration and research.

Carey Perloff, Fall 2018 Theater Fellow, United States

ln short, I have to say, that I experienced a change in my life at Bogliasco, one which has been significant on many levels. The environment, conditions and the company I encountered at the Bogliasco Foundation evidently proved to be of a conducive nature for tectonic shifting in my personal and professional life.

Richard Van Schoor, Fall 2018 Fellow in Music, South African, residing in Germany

Sharing the residency with seven other fellows made it a rare experience in many ways; informative through a broadening of knowledge of different culture, creative through an exchange of ideas and experiences, supportive and entertaining through sharing delicious Italian mealtimes and group excursions.

Thank you for offering the most perfect environment in which to further my career and lay the foundations for pieces that will hopefully help in the fight to further raise awareness of the plastic pollution crisis faced globally.

Frances Gynn, Fall 2018 Fellow in Visual Art, United Kingdom

The quiet and peace at the Foundation provided an ideal atmosphere for an introspective approach to Miro’s notebooks and sketches. Discussions with the other fellows and guests were enlightening in many ways, allowing me a window into how these extraordinary artists and scholars from other fields develop their work.

- Andreia Pinto Correia, Fall 2018 Fellow in Music, Portuguese living in New York

Being a fellow at the Bogliasco Foundation was one of the greatest privileges I've had in my life. Having the space to work, think, and reflect in that setting led me to consider new paths in my compositions that I never would have explored

Will Healy, Fall 2018 Aaron Copland Bogliasco Fellow in Music, United States

As I move forward, I recognize the immense gift that the Bogliasco Foundation Fellowship provided me. My time there was and is a valuable experience and opportunity that allowed me to find the space and breath for this work and myself. The ever-present lullaby of the ocean nearby, the amazing journeys in neighboring villages, the history of sites that moved me, the beautiful dramatism of Italian theater, and the consistent intellectual and creative stimulation from my cohort have all informed myself as an artist and person.

Kim Epifano, Fall 2018 Fellow in Dance, United States