The view left me speechless.... a seemingly infinite expanse of the ocean was unfolding right in front of my desk. It is the most beautiful composer's studio I've ever been to! Facing this infinity on a daily basis made it easy to concentrate on the music despite these disturbing times of the global pandemic. It is said that natural beauty has a healing effect not only on our minds but our bodies as well.... I did experience the overall sense of wellbeing and hopefulness while creating here... Just to feel deserving of this beauty, you also want to somehow capture and return it to the world in the form of sounds...

- Žibuoklė Martinaitytė, Fall 2020 Fellow in Music, Lithuania

 The limitations enforced by the challenging situation had positive counterparts: a strong bond between the few residual Fellows manning the fortress, but also an increased concentration on our individual work. Inspired by the daily consorting with the waves, the pines and the reflections on the water, I was able to write the best part of two chapters, which is much more than my usual productivity. 

- Daniel Ferrer, Fall 2020 Fellow in Literature Scholarship, France

I'm writing to express my deepest gratitude for my Bogliasco fellowship. The time I spent at the Villa dei Pini with a wonderful group of artists and scholars was productive and restorative. I deeply appreciate the efforts that you all made to keep us safe in these critical times.

- Laura Di Bianco, Fall 2020 Fellow in Visual Arts Scholarship, Italy

My time at Bogliasco was invaluable. I progressed in my work on all aspects of the project and was especially helped by two informal showings of the work-in-progress with my fellow residents, as well as with Bogliasco staff members. The feedback and questions I received were engaged and thoughtful and got me to ask new questions and explore different directions in the work. In addition, I found myself experimenting well beyond the bounds of this particular project. I was uncertain before arriving how much the place and setting and culture would affect my work, but it became clear that it was seeping in and changing how I was seeing and thinking and moving. 

- Abigail Levine, Spring 2020 Fellow in Dance, United States

Being at the Study Center at the Bogliasco Foundation was a rare privilege. I benefitted greatly from my time working in the studio, communing with fellows and staff members, and enjoying the beauty and culture of the region.

- Deborah Zlotsky, Spring 2020 Fellow in Visual Arts, United States

I was able to accomplish an insane amount in the brief time that I was in Italy, and I am genuinely surprised that I was able to get so much work done. This uptick in productivity can only be attributed to the energy of Bogliasco, which is the most magical place that I have ever been. The quality of the light, the sound of the sea, the beautiful villas, gardens, food, and people were like an injection of pure optimism straight into my veins. I will carry that feeling with me forever.

- Christopher Stark, Spring 2020 Fellow in Music, United States

The escape from the demands of normal life—meetings, teaching and service obligations, cooking and more— allowed my mind freedom to think. It was the community of artists, writers, composers, choreographers and staff at Bogliasco, which most informed my work and approach to life. Every conversation over breakfast, lunch, aperitivo or dinner provided a new perspective on creative work and life.

Stephanie Pilat, Spring 2020 Fellow in Architecture, United States

I thank all the incredible staff, organizers, and coordinators for this month of recovered forces, infinite silence and unexpected peace, so precious and rare in the struggle of our “ordinary life”.

Arianna Lodeserto, Spring 2020 Fellow in Film/Video, Italy 

The working atmosphere offered by the Bogliasco Foundation is unique. The beauty of the surrounding landscape is as breathtaking as the study center itself. 

Ralf Lüfter, Fall 2019 Fellow in Philosophy, Italy 

The beauty of the surroundings and the ever-changing sea that I could always view through my windows brought a sense of quietude and opening up of mental space that is all a writer needs for inspiration. 

- Bonnie Marranca, Fall 2019 Fellow in Literature, United States

The joy, ease and productivity of this 5-week retreat at Bogliasco was of inestimable value to me personally and to my work. 

Susan Yankowitz, Fall 2019 Fellow in Theater, United States

As much as I felt relaxed and energized by the environment, I am also so grateful for the time and space at Bogliasco to focus fully on those projects. As I look back, the crux of my experience was actually the people that I got to surround myself with. Having each of us coming from various fields made every conversation incredibly interesting. I was inspired to hear a myriad of new perspectives, new information, and life experiences that I can’t even imagine.  

- Takahiro Yamamoto, Fall 2019 Fellow in Dance, Japan/United States

The residency facilitated wide-ranging conversations across genres and modes of criticism and creativity, enabling fulfilling reflection on the broader impact and meaning of humanist scholarship and writing. As I hold active interests in the history of the arts, literary criticism and performance studies, and cultural history, I found daily interactions with artists and writers of various genres to both inspire and inform the development of my ideas and arguments. 

- Neilesh Bose, Fall 2019 Fellow in History, United States/Canada 

It was such a privilege to be there. To be given the time, the space, and the absence of the usual responsibilities in our hectic lives. It is a memory I will cherish.  

- Medrie MacPhee, Fall 2019 Fellow in Visual Arts, United States  

It was truly a perfect setting for me to be able to work on my manuscript, perched in the loft as though in a treehouse in the pines, to explore the mountains in the afternoon and to return to the warmth and fellowship of the team in Bogliasco in the evening.  

- Laurence O’Dwyer, 2019 Van Cleef & Arpels Bogliasco Special Fellow in Poetry, Ireland  

My time at Bogliasco was restorative in the deepest sense of the word. It was solitary. It was collaborative. The conversations on the nature of time, on the nature of language, what constitutes art and political engagement, conversations that often happened over a sleepy breakfast table (a time in which I couldn’t have imagined talking with anyone!) fueled my days and entered my work. 

Donna Masini, Fall 2019 Fellow in Literature, United States

It is not easy to describe things and certain places. Is it because of the constantly changing light of the Ligurian sky and the persistent murmuring of the Mediterranean sea that is so hard to describe my stay at Villa dei Pini? Or maybe the complete being in the moment and eager desire not to loose a second while in Bogliasco makes the memories of the fellowship so vivid and yet so resistant to put into words?

Zuzanna Bulat Silva, Fall 2019 Fellow in Literature-Scholarship, Poland

There was not one or two aspects of the residency that propelled me forward but many, including the great food, the stunning gardens, the amazing views, long and energizing walk, the quiet, creative minds and more.

- Ayad Rahmani, Fall 2019 Fellow in Architecture, United States

The five-week stay gave me one of the most remarkable and unforgettable periods of my life. Daily discussions and the exchange of ideas, even when not intrinsically connected with my work, sparked my enthusiasm and intellectual responsiveness.

William L. Barcham, Fall 2019 Fellow in Visual Arts-Scholarship, United States

But most of all, the weightlessness of Bogliasco is more than these feelings; it is, like all great gifts, an entrenched and rooted sense of belonging to a place, of feeling, like the umbrella pines that bow in the garden, bending ever more to the sea, yet tethered to the place we all shared in love, rooted in our home.

Andy Crank, Fall 2019 Fellow in Literature-Scholarship, United States

To say this was one of the greatest gifts of my lifetime would not be an overstatement.

Jessica Helfand, Fall 2019 Fellow in Design, United States

This place is the best gift to artists I can imagine. Certainly, it was my best ever gift.

Vona Groarke, Fall 2019 Fellow in Literature, Ireland, Van Cleef & Arpels Bogliasco Special Fellow in Poetry

I was also surprised at how powerful it is to spend time among an absolutely terrific group of similarly laboring souls, none of them precisely in my field, and therefore all the more valuable as sounding boards. And the beauty of the place! That in itself is an astonishing gift.

Nancy Princenthal, Fall 2019 Visual Arts Scholarship, United States

I was also surprised at how powerful it is to spend time among an absolutely terrific group of similarly laboring souls, none of them precisely in my field, and therefore all the more valuable as sounding boards. And the beauty of the place! That in itself is an astonishing gift.

Megan Marshall, Fall 2019 Fellow in Literature, United States, Arthur F. and Alice E. Adams Charitable Foundation Special Fellowship in Literature

The residency gave me a very comfortable and quiet space to concentrate on my work. At all times I felt supported and I never missed anything.

Pablo Martínez Pessi, Fall 2019 Fellow in Film/Video, Uruguay 

My darling fellow fellows, with whom I will always share a bond, galvanized my sense of belonging to a community of beautiful, creative, funny, whip-smart humans...even almost a year after returning home.

Molly Shanahan, Fall 2019 Fellow in Dance, United States