I typically think of working on creative projects as exciting but difficult… However, at Bogliasco I had a remarkable experience: the environment–both physically and socially–was so warm, calm, supportive, and beautiful that my work style was able to take a new form. Instead of straining to work amidst obligations, I was able to work very simply because I wanted to and had time to.

Offer Egozy, Spring 2018 Film/Video Fellow, United States

The natural beauty of Bogliasco and the stimulating cross-disciplinary discussions I had with the other fellows in residence provided an ideal environment for a creative challenge.

Laurie Kahn, Fall 2018 Film/Video Fellow, United States

It is difficult to say what you miss the most after you’ve left a heavenly residence such as Villa dei Pini of the Bogliasco Foundation. The breath-taking beauty of the place, the kindness and support of the staff, the company of wonderful fellows and the conduciveness of the experience as a whole, all made my time productive and amazing.

Francesco Ciabattoni, Spring 2018 Literature-Scholarship Fellow, Italy/ United States

What was extraordinary about the Bogliasco residency was the way in which it opened my mind to new impulses and new ways of working creatively.

Carey Perloff, Fall 2018 Theater Fellow, United States

Bogliasco is a unique place, a combination of beauty, serenity and intellectual stimulation. To be looking out at the blue water of the Mediterranean Sea through ancient pine trees and have the silence and isolation that is so necessary for the creative juices to flow is a rare gift in the busy life we lead.

Gionconda Belli, Spring 2018 Literature Fellow, Nicaragua

I have done other residencies in the past, but this was my first multidisciplinary fellowship, and the experience could not have been better. I had no idea that I would learn so much and from such interesting relationships. In the end we all talked about our next plans and what had waiting for us around the corner. And we jokingly decided to reapply all together as a group in five years. Only it probably wasn’t a joke.

Carlos Mayor, Spring 2018 Literature Fellow, Spain

At center was discussion of the state of the outside world…As we were an international group (Nicaragua, the United States, Italy), there was a powerful comparing of notes as to what needs to be done. It was a respite, not an escape, giving us the time and space to think/dream/plan/plot our futures.

Shelly Silver, Spring 2018 Film Fellow, United States

Both residencies were times of enormous growth for me as an artist and a person...I have made beautiful friendships and they are tethered inextricably now to my work.

Joanna Kotze, Spring 2018 and 2013 Dance Fellow, United States

The space created to think and plan had value far beyond the production of the two pieces of writing. I was also able to draw and play with ideas for other work, and much of the resolution of my upcoming show… was formulated between espressos, stretching and reading in the glorious studio space.

Charles Ogilvie, Spring 2018 Visual Arts Fellow, United Kingdom

There have been poets among us, but even for them it will not have been possible to put into words just how magical the experience is.

Lena Cowen Orlin, Fall 2018 Literature-Scholarship Fellow, United States

This residency was a truly inspiring and enlightening experience that provided a fertile and embracing creative environment where I was able to accomplish much more than I imagined or anticipated and still enjoy the company of my fellow Fellows as well as take advantage of the many sights in the area.

Frank J. Avella, Spring 2018 Theater Fellow, United States

ln short, I have to say, that I experienced a change in my life at Bogliasco, one which has been significant on many levels. The environment, conditions and the company I encountered at the Bogliasco Foundation evidently proved to be of a conducive nature for tectonic shifting in my personal and professional life.

Richard Van Schoor, Fall 2018 Music Fellow, South African, residing in Germany

My time in Bogliasco made the project of writing literary essays seems easier than it was, and now that I’m back with the familiar necessities of daily life, a part of me is trying to recapture the intensity and concentration I had when I was in Italy, nestled in the pines, overlooking the sea, eating risotto and walking the hills above the villa.

John Haskell, Spring 2018 Arthur F. and Alice E. Adams Charitable Foundation Special Fellow in Literature, United States