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Chin Chih Yang

Multidisciplinary artist Chin Chih Yang was born in Taiwan and has resided for many years in New York City.

“Respect for Mother Earth is my guiding principle. My work focuses on society’s efforts to protect itself, physically and psychologically, against catastrophe. Producers and consumers make too much waste. Mayhem results from pollution, surveillance, isolation, and religious, political, and social intolerance. I feel an urgency to reach people in everyday places, beyond the walls of galleries.

During my stay at Bogliasco, I created two handmade costumes from recycled objects, trash which I found on site. For Trash King, I wove together hundreds of tiny strips of aluminum and paper to make a cape and wand for myself.

For Tree Spirit, I used bark and other found natural objects to make a wearable cape. I did two separate, unannounced performances and walked around the grounds.

I also completed a mini performance of my future large-scale project, Watch Us! Together We Can Do It! Watch Us is a participatory project, so I invited 8 collaborators to assist me in climbing the ladder attached to a very tall tree. When I reached the top, I flipped the switch to illuminate a large red heart, meant to symbolize tolerance and World understanding.

In the final performance, I will challenge myself to ascend a very tall rope ladder, attached to a hovering helicopter, or the roof of an indoor rotunda. The performance involves collaborators from different countries. For the final performance, which will take place in New York City, I will invite more than 200 collaborators representing every country in the world, creating a micro-level spiritual force intended to reach macro-level worldwide harmony.

This film is a 5 mins trailer about my art. It is produced by Taiwanese documentary filmmaker, Mingchuan Huang. Here I share information about my recent work and notes on my creative process.

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