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Carlos Estevez

Project Tarocchi Di Bogliasco


The Tarocchi di Bogliasco is an installation composed of 31 oval-shaped drawings in tempera on cardboard measuring 9 x 4 inches each. The piece also has an instruction manual with explanatory texts and drawings, a tapestry used to display the cards, and a wooden box to store all the elements.

The work is inspired by the aesthetics and concepts of traditional tarots, conceived as a work of art, but preserving its mystical and functional character as an oracle. It was conceived and produced during my artist residency at Villa dei Pini, Bogliasco Foundation in Italy.

The paradise coast of Liguria, as its name evokes, is a wonderful place which gave rise to the first card of my Tarot, entitled Meraviglia, seduced by the phonetic beauty and the richness of meanings of the Italian language from which I have taken the words to title each of the 31 cards composing the piece.

The work is conceived as a journal of my personal relationship with the place, its landscapes, its history, and the people who inhabit it, particularly in coexistence with those who work at the foundation and other fellows. The ideal conditions for creation and first-rate intellectual exchange resulted in a fruitful creative season materialized in this installation.

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