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Savina Tarsitano (BF '05) - Seminar in Tokyo

Program 17:30-17:40 Introduction by Prof. Kakiuchi (GRIPS) 17:40-18:40 “Towards New Collaboration between Japan and Europe” Prof. Savina Tarsitano (Art Professor at Language School for Children TuttiFrutti, Brussels / Ambassador Project Rebirth by Michelangelo Pistoletto / Member of the European Culture Parliament) 18:40-19:30 Round Table Discussion Discussant: Prof. Sachiko Sugiura (Musashino Art University) and scholars from GRIPS *There is an audio-visual demonstration of Prof. Tarsitano’s artistic project. Prof. Savina Tarsitano will introduce her artistic project as well as a new collaboration project between Japan and Europe. She has been working actively as an am member of the European Culture Parliament and Ambassador of the REBIRTH project of Michelangelo Pistoletto , the main purpose of which is to develop new cooperation, to meet people, in small an


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