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Erika Latta (BF '10) -- La Disparition

In a long forgotten sub-basement, in the bowels of the city, lies a non-descript office which you will never find until “The Agency” chooses to summon you inside. Congratulations, you have been recruited to help test a brand-new navigational device. Once back on the surface, this strange, omniscient machine will guide you through the streets of a fictional city: a city that has mysteriously superimposed itself onto the one you thought you knew. La Disparition is an experiment in temporal disorientation. A man and woman roam the streets, each walking in the other’s footsteps. But who is following whom? It is you who must decide, and your answer will determine where this story will lead you. This is a journey that explores the landscape of the inner mind and the gaps that exist between memory and experience, between fiction and reality. By synchronizing live-action with portable media devices, and by placing these devices in the hands of the audience, the artists of Begat Theater seek out new ways of mapping urban space onto the subjective mind. The show opened June 14 2014 at the Scène nationale de Cavaillon, in Cavaillon, France.


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